The Fleet

LightSUP NightLight Paddle Board


Flagship model, NIGHTLIGHT, is an evolutionary Stand Up Paddle board that combines snorkeling views with the stoke of SUP, day or night.
LightSUP DayLight Paddle Board


Not all will venture out in the dark, but all will love the evolution of the Stand Up Paddling experience, snorkeling views with SUP stoke.
LightSUP GlowLight Paddle Board


GlowLight is the evolution of Glow SUP experience that simplifies and extends illuminated paddling until dawn, when clarity doesn't matter.
LightSUP NocquaLight Paddle Board


LightSUP and Nocqua joined forces to create NocquaLight, shining a light on the evolution of the Glow Stand Up Paddling experience.

elements of the evolution

LightSUP Board Company proudly presents our fleet of evolutionary Stand Up Paddle Boards that transforms a paddle into a next level human experience through the unique integration of the elements of the evolution.

A Window To The View Below

Our expansive large dual pane marine grade polycarbonate window provides natural sight line viewing of the marine life below.

LED Illumination To Light Up Your Night

Simple to install, brilliant to experience. NightLight and GlowLight models are powered by LumeCube waterproof LED lights. Recharge, recharge and go.

Extra Thick Comfort Deck Pad

Extra Thick and Extra Comfortable, enjoy the Evolution of SUP day and night! All LightSUP Boards are designed with your safety and comfort in mind.

Bungee Storage Straps For Your Gear

Take your gear with you on your Evolution of SUP journey! Our rear deck bungee cord storage system secures your gear while you enjoy your journey.

Durable Construction, Hydrodynamic Design

Constructed from ABS Composite material for durability. Hydrodynamic contours for enhanced maneuverability and stability.

Glow Every Color Under The Spectrum

LightSUP Boards and Nocqua Adventure Gear link our window SUP experience and the Nocqua Spectrum P2 system for the ultimate GlowSUP experience.

LiftSUP Ergonomically Designed Handle

There when you need it, hides away when you don't! The LiftSUP handle is ergonomically designed to make human transport, more humane.

FCS Connect 8.0 Removable Fin

Easy to install, easy to remove, all LightSUP Boards include the FCS Connect 8.0 fin for compact storage and security.